In addition to the monetary compensation, we provide AMBOSSians with an assortment of unique and popular perks that have been chosen to reflect our values.

Get some well deserved rest 🌴 🧖 🎨

We have a great mission, but our main priority is our team, so make time for yourself and maintain a healthy work life balance with our benefits below:

Annual paid vacation days 30 vacation days per year (for everyone working 5 days per week)
An AMBOSS holiday A company wide day-off each year (so you do not need to worry about those internal slacks stacking up while you are off).
Personal Purpose Day One day for you to follow find your purpose. Be it volunteering, something creative, or an activity with your family or friends.
Tenure Days Every two years +1 day, up to 33 days (Apply after 2+ years seniority)
An attractive bAV offer An attractive retirement plan for those living and working in Germany.

Get those endorphins flowing 🏃 🏊‍♂️ 🚴‍♀️

These benefits will support our employees maintaining their physical health and to explore their wonderful city.

| | Select which benefit best suits you personally from the below: Full time (80%+) employees select two. Part-time employees select one (min. 50%). | | --- | --- | | 🧗‍♀️ Urban Sports Club | Go ahead and try Bouldering, Krav Maga, Pilates, or whatever you like when AMBOSS sponsors the M-plan. | | ⌚️ Fitbit | The Fitbit is a smartwatch and activity tracker that will motivate you to get in touch with your fitness! AMBOSS sponsors the FitBit Versa 3. You are entitled to get a new device every two years to make sure you're updated with the latest tech! | | 🚲 Swapfiets bike | Get yourself a Swapfiets bike for your way to our Cologne or Berlin office. People working from the office 40% or more can get a bike. AMBOSS sponsors the Deluxe 7 plan. | | 🚉  BVG/KVB ticket | If you work in one of our German offices for 3+ days per week, AMBOSS pays for your monthly public transport ticket. This applies only if you are not working remotely! |

<aside> 🌳 Impact is one of our core values. So when choosing benefits, we encourage AMBOSSians to live by the mantra “only choose what you use.” To support this mindset, we offer to offset your personal carbon footprint if you forego a benefit you would not use.


No risk of high cholesterol here ☕ 🥑 🥘

Our in-house chef prepares healthy, delicious menus for breakfast and lunch every day (with both carnivore and veggie options). The office is always full of fruit and snacks, and you can even take your barista skills to the next level with our amazing Italian espresso machine.

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Reduce that childcare-associated cortisol build-up 👶 🐣 🧸

Bring your child along to our AMBOSS Daycare when your Kita is closed, or use it to bridge the gap until you find a Kita spot.

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